Funky Nails at Fashion Week!

This coming week you’ll notice some amazing nail designs gracing the runway! Rather than spending hours with a manicurist doing designs, some designers smartly called on Jamberry to provide new nail looks for their models. When you are watching those models on the runway, pay attention to what’s hot for nails and then get your own fresh nail looks with Jamberry nails!

Top fashion week nail trends:

1) slick red nails (match them to your lipstick)

2) metallic reflective nails in silver, gold, or black

3) southwestern-inspired patterns for nails

4) striped nails

5) French tips with a twist – (colored tips or fishnet)

6) intricate patterns (match the fabric in your outfit)
Get these looks at home with Jamberry Nail Shields!

click here to see more designs

click here to order


Want to be entered to win free nail shields for a year? Host a party during fashion week! Click here to get information about hosting.

click here to see all designs or order
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